Friday, 27 October 2017

Day 36

Good evening,

Calendar: Today’s calendar was led by Diyya. Great job Diyya!

Phonics: Today, the students reviewed the “M/m” and “D/d” sounds, actions and songs. Then Bryana, Krish, Neel, and Armaan presented their Show and Share to the class. Thank you for bringing in an item with your assigned sound!

French: Please see Mlle. Jessica’s blog for more information.

Spelling Test: Students did a great job concentrating during the Spelling Test! It is clear that students have been practicing their spelling words. Tests will be returned to students on Monday. Awesome work!!

Lunch/ Recess 1

Math: Students reviewed the pattern terminology that we have been using such as the pattern core, attributes, and how to name patterns using letters. Today, students were introduced to ABB patterns. Students used the whiteboard to practice creating and continuing ABB patterns. They also completed an activity to gain practice with this new pattern.

Unit of Inquiry: Students started the new Unit of Inquiry called Sensational Senses. Today we talked about the sense of touch and different textures that we can feel. 

Lunch/ Recess 2

Gym: Please see Mrs. Jan’s blog for more information.


Pack Up  
Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Ms. Mather-Dyer

October Important Dates to Remember
·       Spirit Day – Tuesday, October 31st

·         Snuggle Up and Read – Friday, October 27th
·         Jolly Phonics (M/m) and (D/d) – Monday, October 30th

Words of the Week – Due: October 27, 2017

1. mom
4. dad
2. mat
5. dog
3. monkey
6. doctor