Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Day 29

Good evening,

Music: Please see Mrs. Hayward’s blog for more information.

Calendar: Today’s calendar was led by Armaan. Great job Armaan!

French: Please see Mlle. Jessica’s blog for more information.

Phonics: Today, the students were introduced to the “R/r” sound, actions and songs. They also viewed the video called Geraldine the Giraffe learns the “R/r” sound.

Lunch/ Recess 1

Unit of Inquiry: Students collected leaves outside during recess. They brought their leaves in so they could take a closer look. Students discussed the different colours and used crayons to create an impression of the leaves. A pumpkin was delivered to our classroom. We read a story called “Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night. Next week, we will be conducting a pumpkin investigation.

Math: Today students reviewed the concepts of “same” and “different.” They continued to practice sorting and classifying objects with similar or different attributes or characteristics. The students completed an activity called “Which One Does Not Belong?” In this case they had to determine which three objects shared an attribute, and circle the one object that was different.

Lunch/ Recess 2

Gym: Please see Mrs. Jan’s blog for more information.


Pack Up  
Have a wonderful evening!! 

Ms. Mather-Dyer

October Important Dates to Remember
·         Spelling Test: October 27th, 2017
·         Bake Sale – Oct. 24th
·         Casual Day – Oct. 25th
·         Picture Day – Oct. 26th
·         Spirit Day – Oct. 31st

October Spelling Test –Friday, October 27, 2017

1.       it
6. do
2.      be
7. was
3.      he
8. had
4.      on
9. for
5.      at
10. she

·         Snuggle up and Read – Friday, October 2oth
·         Jolly Phonics (H/h) and (R/r) – Monday, October 23rd

Friday Show and Share:
Ahaan and Eric: “H/h”
Sianna and Mateo: “R/r”
·         Please bring in something that begins with the letter beside your name. 

Words of the Week – Due: October 20, 2017

1. hop
4. run
2. hat
5. red
3. hand
6. rocket